Top 10 Shopping Destinations in Cairo, Egypt

Egypt’s capital city, Cairo, is the largest Arabian city. Two distinctive personalities in the city merge to create one exciting experience. Explore the ancient city’s streets filled to the brim with history and culture, or stroll through some of Africa’s most modern sights and places. Whichever personality of the city you prefer, Cairo is a shopper’s paradise. 

This capital city is home to a wide variety of bazaars and street markets, emphasizing a focus on artisan wares, tapestries, and antiques. Mix with the locals to haggle over the prices in traditional open-air marketplaces. Fuel yourself with the spirit of adventure and traverse through tightly packed bazaars in search of the perfect gift or souvenir. 

Shoppers can also lose themselves in multiple world-class malls, filled with national and international brands. Cario is home to some of the most glamorous malls, featuring multiple floors filled with hundreds of stores. One mall even has two theme parks inside! 

Whatever you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it while shopping in Cairo Egypt, but where should you start? Don’t worry, because we’re here to help you find the best shopping destinations for your next vacation to Cairo! 

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Top 10 Shopping Destinations in Cairo, Egypt

1. Khan Al-Khalili

If you choose only one shopping destination during your trip to Cairo, you must stop at the historic and world-renown Khan Al-Khalili. The bazaar has been around since the 14th century, making it the oldest and most iconic shopping experience Cairo has to offer.

While visiting this bustling maze-like shopping experience, you’ll find a huge selection of exotic spices, perfumes, leather goods, jeweled slippers, ornately embroidered fabrics, and more! 

The Khan Al-Khalili open-air bazaar, located at the heart of Islamic Cairo, is a place loved by both locals and tourists. If you’re looking for an authentic Cairo experience, you’ll find it here. You’ll haggle with the shopkeepers, browse through the many stalls, and fuel up on delicious authentic Egyptian food. 

2. Zamalek


If you prefer to browse different stores in search of the best bargain on a great souvenir, Zamalek is for you! Zamalek is known for being one of the most fashionable areas of Cairo, offering a wide variety of shopping.

You will find boutiques, antiques, and plenty of delicious dining experiences in this shopping oasis. From designer furniture to small handcrafted items, there is no lack of options for you to browse through!

If you want to ensure your money goes to support the original artists and crafters, consider stopping in to shop at Fair Trade Egypt, also located in Zamalek.

3. Street of the Tentmakers (Al Khiyyamia) 

If you’re looking for a more authentic Cairo shopping experience similar to Khan Al-Khalili, Street of the Tentmakers is another great stop to add to your list. 

Stepping onto the street of this marketplace feels like stepping into another world, ancient and mystical. This marketplace is known as Cairo’s last traditional covered market and became famous for the beautifully detailed tapestries sellers used for decorating ceremonial tents. 

While traversing through this historic bazaar, you can shop for many artisan wares, expertly crafted. You might even be lucky enough to watch the skilled artisans work using crafting techniques passed down for centuries. 

4. Cairo Festival City Mall

If you’re looking to shake off the magical dust of historic Cairo and step into the exciting bustle of the modern city, the Cairo Festival City Mall in New Cairo is the place for you. The mall features around 300 different shops and dining options, all in a comfortable, contemporary indoor setting. 

Step out of the hot Cairo sun and into the comfortable air-conditioned mall to wander through and explore the international and local stores. Inside you’ll find a wide variety of brand-name fashion, home goods, and technology available in New Cairo. 

On top of great shopping and food, you’ll also find entertainment, such as an arcade, trampoline park, and cinema- making this a great way to spend a day with your family. 

5. Suuq el Ataba


Fans of great bargains will love the prices found at Suuq el Ataba. This huge local market is known for offering the best prices around. 

Located in downtown Cairo, Suuq el Ataba, also known as the Ataba market, is one of the biggest shopping markets in the middle east. Along the streets, you’ll find great deals on artisan wares and low prices on international wholesale goods. 

Shoppers have boasted of finding great prices on jewelry, crafting tools, antiques, and more! To get the most out of this great shopping experience, arrive early to beat the crowds and wear comfortable shoes. 

6. Citystars Mall

Looking for one of the most exciting shopping malls you’ll wander through in your lifetime? The Citystars Mall in Cairo is home to some of the most upscale shopping you’ll find in the city. 

Dive into some serious retail therapy with the over 750 shops inside. Once you’ve satisfied your fashion needs, stop over at one of the many dining experiences, with a wide range of local and international cuisine. 

If the boundless shopping is not enough to draw you in, you can also head over to the mall’s two indoor theme parks and a 22-screen cinema. 

7. Souk al Fustat

Are you on vacation to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern shopping, and want a more traditional experience- but without haggling? While haggling is customary for this culture’s shopping, you can find local markets like Souk al Fustat that do not rely on haggling. 

Established in 2002, Souk al Fustat is a modern marketplace housed in a beautiful stone building in the heart of the old Cairo district. 

This market houses over 50 galleries of handicrafts and Egyptian art made by artisans from all over the country. Wide selection of goods, low crowds, and fixed prices? It sounds like a relaxing way to spend an afternoon shopping!

8. El Azbakeya Wall


If you’re looking for a unique shopping experience, check out El Azbakeya Wall, located in the heart of downtown Cairo. 

El Azbakeya Wall is a bookworm’s dream world and Egypt’s most famous second-hand bookstore. Within this marketplace, you’ll find an oasis of 130 stalls carrying books just waiting for you to explore- some dating back to the 1800s. 

This tightly packed, narrow street market is only reachable by foot, making it all the more exciting for any adventurous bookworm. Who knows what you’ll find as you browse through the stalls, dedicated to showcasing Egypt’s love and ancient relationship with literature? 

9. The First Mall


Lovers of luxury items will want to flock to this Cario retail destination overlooking the Giza river. The First Mall is Cairo’s destination for premium shopping, catering specifically to luxury shoppers and fine diners. 

You’ll find three floors filled with over 60 luxury stores inside this five-star mall. Treat yourself to a full day of pampering by shopping at exclusive international stores like Armani, Bugari, Tiffany ; Co., and more, then stop into the mall’s salon or spa for some well-deserved relaxation. 

10. Wekalet El Balah


Affordable prices and a large selection of second-hand goods make up the Wekalet El Balah market. This marketplace has been offering Cairo locals access to imported goods since the 19th century. 

The goods, not known for being high-quality, are not what make this marketplace popular. Instead, Wekalet El Balah is well known for its adventurous shopping experience. Soak up the exciting hustle and bustling buzz of this modern Egyptian marketplace. 

It’s chaotic, exciting, and dripping with culture. If you want to live and shop like a local, you cannot miss this bazaar. 


Whether you’re looking for an authentic, historical and cultural shopping experience or a trip to traverse the best the modern world offers, you’ll find it in Cairo, Egypt. 

Find second-hand treasures, troves of books, hand-embroidered fabrics, specialty jewelry, and more. Discover endangered art practices and watch the masters at work at bazaars, or step out of the hot Cairo heat and enjoy a day of fun, relaxing indoor shopping. 

Between the multiple marketplaces and malls, there is no shortage of excellent shopping experiences in Cairo waiting to be explored by you!

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What is Egypt famous for shopping?

Egypt is famous for its many bazaars and souks. Popular items bought by tourists include miniature pyramids, belly dancing outfits, cotton robes, statue replicas, jewelry, Kohl, and veils. 

What is the biggest mall in Cairo? 

The Mall of Arabia is the largest in all of Egypt. The mall contains 261,000 square meters of shopping and dining experiences for guests. Located in the east of Cairo, it is not as convenient of a locale as other malls in the city. However, visitors who truly want to shop till they drop will not want to miss this enormous shopping center.

What should women tourists wear to Egypt?

There is no required dress code in Egypt for women. However, many recommend dressing modestly. While shopping, wear comfortable clothes that cover your cleavage, knees, and shoulders. Bring a good pair of tennis shoes too so you can enjoy a full day of shopping without a night of aching feet. 






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