Top 10 Shopping Malls in Beirut

When visiting new towns and cities, some people like to do nothing but sight-seeing and exploring, while others love shopping in addition to their sightseeing activities. Shopping on vacation is a lot of fun, and the great majority of people like going on shopping sprees when on vacation.

With shopping festivals in Dubai and other major cities around the Middle East, the area is swiftly establishing itself as a candidate for the title of global shopping capital. Beirut, Lebanon’s capital and a major regional metropolis, is commonly referred to simply as Beirut.

Because Beirut is a major tourist destination, people from all over the world, including those in the Middle East, who enjoy traveling to historic coastal Mediterranean cities that also feature modern infrastructure and wonderful tourist landmarks, should strongly consider paying a visit to this city.

Traveling here would be a fantastic decision for them to make because it would provide them with the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits associated with visiting a major tourist destination. Shopping in Beirut is a significant component of the entire visitor experience in this city, which is significant given that Beirut is a cultural center in the Middle East.

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Here is a list of the 10 best shopping malls in Beirut

Beirut Mall


One of the larger shopping areas in the city, where you can find approximately one hundred businesses specialized in various types of apparel and accessories, sports and formal wear, shoe stores, electrical and technology stores, and other types of retailers.

Do not miss the opportunity to do some shopping at this wonderful site; in addition to the many services and facilities that are given, which include a number of restaurants and cafés, this is an excellent spot for shopping.

ABC Mall 


At ABC Mall, one may have a wonderful time shopping regardless of where one is from or how far they are traveling because the mall is open to everyone. Locals as well as people from all over the world can go there.

The shopping center is not only a well-known destination in its own right, but it also provides guests from all over the world with a convenient entrance point to a broad variety of retail stores, service providers, and entertainment venues.

Centro Mall


The renowned retail and entertainment destination known as Centro Mall can be found in the centre of Beirut, in the wealthy district of Jnah. Its location makes it one of the city’s most convenient shopping destinations.

Centro Mall stands out as an attraction that appeals to an extensive Tenant Mix that includes International Retailers and fabulous Operators, there is over 175 stores, a Grand Cineplex, a large Supermarket, a giant Department Store, a beautifully designed food court, a luxurious F;B and Modern Boulevard, a Family Entertainment Center combining edutainment and arcade games.

Furthermore, there is a waterfall in the center, a sushi lounge that is unlike any other, and a cigar lounge that is also unlike any other.

Centro Mall is committed to attracting and delighting its current and future target audience through the introduction of surprises, events, and novel activities that will keep all visitors and partners on the cusp of an exceptional experience.

This will be accomplished through the introduction of novel activities that will keep all visitors and partners on the cusp of an exceptional experience. With the inclusion of all of these services, customers are welcomed into a new era of lifestyle shopping and entertainment, and the store as a whole benefits from this.

Beirut Souks


With over 200 businesses, 25 restaurants and cafés, an entertainment center, a 14 cinema complex, periodic street and marketplaces, the Beirut Souks neighborhood is the largest and most diverse shopping and leisure zone in Beirut.

In addition, it has a number of other amenities. Piazzas and other public space may also be found in the Beirut Souks. The built-up area of the Beirut Souks is 128,000 square meters, and it is interlaced with landscaped pedestrian zones. The Beirut Souks were designed in five different commissions by both foreign and Lebanese architects.

Dunes Center


Dunes of Verdun debuted in 1997 in a fashionable Verdun district. The inside of Lebanon’s first commercial complex is stunning, with a vast atrium. The gaming arena of the Amusement Arcade includes a bowling alley, billiards, laser tag, and the newest PS3 and XBOX360 Lounge, as well as Frizzy for younger children.

Dunes is a good place for business meetings and meals. 5 Circuit Empire movie theaters and a virtual-reality arcade are available (7 D).

The Aishti and Marina Rinaldi boutiques at Dunes are fashionable. In the summer, visitors from adjacent hotels flock to the Dunes’ coffee shops, food courts, and sushi restaurants. Nail spas and beauty salons are great places to unwind. Holiday? Holiday Inn Beirut-Dunes is located in the Dunes Mall.

The Spot


The Spot Choueifat is a modern and recently constructed shopping center in Lebanon. The top level is home to several of our favorite diners and quick-service eateries, including Crepaway and Lord of the Wings. Because this level also has a portion that is specifically designed for children and adolescents, you won’t need to be concerned about your children growing restless while you shop in here.

At the very top, there is a terrace that provides an unobstructed view of the airport. The roof of this terrace is made of folded glass, and it is the perfect place to relax with a cup of coffee while taking in the breathtaking panorama. There is also many great department stores to shop in that include big name brands.

Boutique Mall

The retail center known as Boutique Mall can be found in the Dbayeh area; more precisely, it can be found on the Dbayeh Highway. This retail complex is home to a number of companies that are able to cater to the requirements of each and every customer.

These businesses include a restaurant known as Nahawand as well as a rooftop club. The individual needs of each and every one of a retail complex’s consumers may be met by the establishments that make up that retail complex thanks to the flexibility of those establishments.

Centre Galaxy


The Galaxy Complex stands out from other shopping malls because it provides you with one-of-a-kind personal zones that give you access to a variety and diversity of enticing services and stores that are designed to meet your particular requirements. This makes the Galaxy Complex stand out from other shopping malls.

Your comfort and satisfaction throughout the shopping experience served as the inspiration for the design of these places. The Galaxy Complex is the place to go to if you are interested in going shopping in an open environment that also has a beautiful atmosphere, eating lunch late in the afternoon, or having coffee first thing on a Sunday morning. All of these activities can be found there.

City Mall


Shopping nowadays is all about the experience. City Mall is unlike any other mall in that it accommodates people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. City Mall, the world’s largest retail and entertainment complex, inaugurated in 2005.

This 80,000-square-meter mall has over 120 stores, including an 11,000-square-foot Geant Casino hypermarket. The mall is divided into sections to make it easier to access the Hypermarket, merchants, and eateries. The commercial gallery has 15 cafés and eateries, as well as a children’s playground.

The mall has nine movie theaters, specialty businesses, and a two-story BHV. The last level is a shopping fair featuring merchandise for Ramadan, Easter, Christmas, and other holidays. Maximum comfort is provided through glass walls, sky domes, and air-conditioning and heating systems. This mall is unique since it is decorated for each season and holiday. The City Mall draws shoppers, foodies, and moviegoers. Everything is available here.

Verdun 732


Verdun 732 is a mall in Beirut that is home to over fifty one-of-a-kind businesses that are exclusively focused on the cosmetics and beauty industry. These businesses are all located in the same building.

These are the kinds of companies that include examples such as shops, cafés, and beauty parlors. a shopping center that not only sells products that are manufactured by companies that are located in the immediate area, but also sells products that are manufactured by companies that are located in other countries that are more geographically distant from the region than the immediate area itself.

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In conclusion

The city of Beirut, which is sometimes commonly referred to simply as Beirut, serves as the capital of Lebanon as well as an important metropolis in the surrounding region. Shopping in Beirut is a significant element of the whole experience that visitors to the city enjoy while they are here.

Since Beirut is a historical coastal Mediterranean city that also has a contemporary infrastructure and many wonderful tourist monuments, it is highly recommended that tourists from all over the world, including those from the Middle East, pay a visit to the city of Beirut. This is because Beirut is located on the Mediterranean coast.

There are many great reasons to visit Beirut and I hope you found this guide to the 10 best shopping malls in Beirut helpful. Happy shopping!






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