Top 10 Shopping Malls in Amman Jordan

Amman is consistently ranked as one of the most popular tourist destinations among Arab cities. Due to the fact that it is home to some of the best shopping malls, markets, and restaurants in the world, it naturally attracts millions of tourists from all over the world each year.

For this reason, persons who wish to go shopping will find that the malls in Amman are the best venues for them to do so in Jordan. So, tell me, just what are you looking forward to is it? Move forward without any inhibitions, and be ready to have the time of your life.

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Here is a list of the top 10 shopping malls in Amman Jordan

City mall


The City Mall is the perfect place for shopping since it offers a wide variety of goods and services under one roof, including restaurants and cafés, a cinema, a banking and services section, and much more.

Since it first opened its doors in 2007, the Amman Mall has been the site of a variety of local, cultural, and promotional events. The inner rooms of the shopping center are flooded with natural light. The mall provides a convenient and pleasant environment for people to shop, in addition to a variety of entertainment alternatives.

The shopping center is known for its vivid hues, expansive layout, and unique architecture, in addition to its wide variety of stores and activities. People will have the most fun they’ve ever had in their whole lives and will love shopping to the maximum possible extent. What more could a customer want when there is such a diverse selection of goods available all under one roof?

Mecca Mall


Mecca Mall is the largest mall in Amman, and it is home to over 450 popular international and local brands, including clothing, electronics, tools, household appliances, restaurants, banks, and entertainment areas, such as gaming areas for children, salons for women, men, and children, and large parking spaces.

Shopping at Mecca Mall is enjoyable, and it is also the largest mall in Amman. The mall has a number of different establishments, including prayer rooms, the Miles grocery, and the Amyal gym. People are free to loosen the ties that hold their handbags or wallet closed.

It is among the most convenient locations to go shopping for a wide variety of goods. Everyone will be entertained for hours at Mecca Mall since the shopping center offers something for everyone. What more could you possibly want when it comes to enjoying the time of your life and having the finest time of your life?

Taj Lifestyle Center


The Taj Lifestyle Center has a variety of establishments that provide shopping, entertainment, and dining options. The mall can be found right in the middle of Abdoun, and it has a spectacular view of the surrounding cityscape from the terraces of its many restaurants, cafés, and other dining establishments. In addition to all of these restaurants, there is also a cinema theater where people may watch movies.

At the mall, international standards are reached, and it is widely considered to be among the top malls in Amman because it has rethought what it means to go shopping. It is more convenient for customers to shop in the mall because the most popular street brands are stocked there. Locals and visitors alike may shop, eat, and even hang out with their friends all in one convenient location.

Albaraka Mall


Have you gone to Albaraka mall yet? In order to provide customers with the best possible shopping experience, Albaraka Mall is home to a number of well-known worldwide companies.

It is home to enormous retail shops, a cinema complex with ten screens, and a variety of eateries, including a bakery, a café, and other establishments. Retail is made into an even more enjoyable experience thanks to the bright and cheery decor seen throughout the shopping center.

The Galleria Mall


When it comes to shopping in Jordan, the Galleria Mall is the place to go since it combines a diverse selection of stores with a wide variety of entertainment options under one roof. The mall’s distinctive front is made out of natural stone and glass, and it is illuminated by natural light thanks to the skylights that are shaped in a curved pattern.

When it comes to shopping, the Galleria mall should be the first place that springs to mind since it offers everything for everyone under one roof. Therefore, do not hesitate to make preparations and prepare to spend the most enjoyable time of your life shopping. People shouldn’t pass up this once-in-a-lifetime chance since it won’t come around again.

Abdali Mall


The Abdali Mall, the premier shopping and entertainment destination in all of the Kingdom of Jordan can be located right in the middle of Amman. This is one of the best malls in Amman, and it is unlike any other place that people have frequently visited because it is the first place to use environmentally friendly technologies.

It was designed with open-air features, which enable natural airflow circulation and the warmth of the sun’s rays, and it was the first place to use environmentally friendly technologies.

The shopping complex is home to some of the most prestigious names in the fashion industry, as well as several cafés and restaurants, cinemas, and entertainment facilities of the highest caliber. It provides a wonderful shopping experience together with a beautiful natural environment that contributes to an overall nice ambiance.

So, what more could you want at this point? Feel free to go out and have the most fun you’ve ever had shopping to your heart’s content.

The plaza outlets


Are you seeking a place that offers both entertainment and shopping, as well as access to an ATM? The Plaza outlet malls are home to a number of high-end retail stores that do not compromise on style. In Amman, there are many activities to choose from, like eating dinner on the patio and, of course, shopping to your heart’s content.

It is a retail outlet that offers genuine value, just like any other worldwide outlet mall, and it recognizes the significance of money. Going to the shopping center now provides an even more enjoyable experience thanks to the ready-made pop-up stores.

So, tell me, what exactly are you anticipating? Are you looking forward to going shopping at an outlet mall that sells almost everything?

Al Mukhtar Mall


Al Mukhtar is a one-stop shopping mall that first opened its doors in 2006. It is home to a number of different brands, as well as coffee shops, restaurants, and family entertainment zones. It does offer a parking lot where individuals are able to park their automobiles in a relaxed manner. What more could a person want when they have access to so many different things under one roof?

It is the kind of mall that people often look forward to going to for all of their shopping needs. People wouldn’t want to leave since there is so much to do all under one roof, therefore they would probably spend the whole day at the mall. What are you holding out for exactly? Enjoy today to the fullest and have the most fun you’ve ever had in your life.

Souq Amber


Throughout its long and dramatic history, Jordan has always played an important role as a stop along key trade routes.

This position has only increased in importance over time. In addition to the cultural, artistic, and religious interactions that occurred between the ancient empires, the demand for fragrances, incense, and other forms of luxury goods resulted in the establishment of a network of trade routes that spanned from South Arabia to the Mediterranean, North Africa, and Asia for more than 5,000 years.

These routes connected South Arabia with North Africa, Asia, and the Mediterranean. As a direct consequence of this, South Arabia developed into one of the first commercial hubs in the history of the ancient world.

Dabouq District


The Dabouq District is more than just a commercial center; it’s a whole neighborhood! We gave the necessities of Jordan and the surrounding region careful thought before beginning the planning and development of our facility.

This is to excite, thrill, engage, relax, and unwind the reader so that they may enjoy the experience more fully. Excitement as we eagerly await the opening of this brand-new social center, which will cater to all of your shopping needs, including those for clothing, furniture, and even jewelry!

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To conclude

Amman has maintained its position as one of the top spots on lists that identify the most popular tourist attractions in Arab cities.

As a result of the fact that it is home to some of the finest shopping malls, marketplaces, and restaurants in the globe, it naturally draws in millions of visitors from all over the world every year.

So, if you don’t mind my asking, what exactly are you looking forward to the most? Proceed without any reservations, and be ready to have the best time of your life. We hope enjoy get to one day experience the wonders of the top 10 shopping malls in Amman Jordan.






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