Top 10 Shopping Malls in Kathmandu

Nepal’s main city, Kathmandu, is home to several temples, scenic wonders, historic monuments, and other attractions. This also makes this place a mecca for shopaholics since it has so much to offer. Overall, the malls in Kathmandu are considered works of art and feature a variety of shops and services. The malls are also considered equally as lovely as the city. 

Fortunately, we scoured the internet and did the research for you. Below you will find a list of the top 10 best shopping malls that can be found in Kathmandu. 

Continue reading to learn more about what the top 10 shopping malls in Kathmandu are, including Kathmandu Mall, Sherpa Mall, The Civil Trade Centre Mall, Tamrakar Complex, and more.

What Are Considered the Top 10 Shopping Malls in Kathmandu?

Listed below are the top 10 shopping malls located in Kathmandu, Nepal:

1. The K L Tower And Multi-Complex

2. The World Trade Center

3. The Times Square Mall

4. The Kathmandu Mall

5. Kathmandu’s City Center

6. The Sherpa Mall

7. Bhat-Bhateni

8. The Civil Mall

9. Tamrakar Complex

10. The Civil Trade Centre Mall

The K L Tower And Multi-Complex


The KL Tower is situated in Chabhi, a populated neighbourhood in Kathmandu’s north. It is a 10-story multi-complex with options on every floor for everyone who enters the mall.

Take note that this mall is one of Kathmandu’s biggest and most upscale. The building’s design is also renowned for being exceptional and ideal in its own right.

Overall, there are many reasons why KI Tower is considered among Nepal’s best shopping centres. For example, one of the main reasons why this site is so popular is because of the variety of things offered. The high quality of these items is another. 

The World Trade Center

The World Trade Center is one of Kathmandu’s largest commercial centres. Also known as the WTC, the World Trade Center is popular due to its distinct personality. For example, the World Trade Center, which is located next to the Civil Mall, is well-known for having access to top worldwide brands and draws both visitors and members of the upper class. 

Overall, the majority of the goods sold here are imported from other countries and vary from textiles to landmarks. Other popular brands that can be found here include companies, like Converse, as well as a variety of different types of coffee. 

This makes the World Trade Center the location to go if you’re looking to go on a brand-name shopping spree.

Kathmandu’s Times Square Mall

Overall, the most comfortable mall in Kathmandu is Time Square Mall. At Time Square Mall, tourists report having a delightful experience. After all, here, tourists can explore primarily local products in the four-story mall. For example, many tourists want to go on a unique shopping experience but dislike the crowds at large malls. 

Fortunately, the Time Square Mall is the ideal location for tourists to want to not only peruse a large variety of goods but also avoid large crowds. 

After the exciting buying expedition, you may also have dinner here. For instance, the mall’s food court features a variety of cuisines as well as a variety of stores including Kathmandu’s Sapphire, Mumbai Masala, and Chunk Berry’s.

The Kathmandu Mall


Newroad commercial district is home to one of Kathmandu’s premier shopping centres: Kathmandu Mall. As one of Kathmandu’s greatest shopping centres, this mall offers a wide selection and variety of goods and selling services. However, it is important to note that the mall’s main selling point is its selection of high-quality cosmetics. 

Another reason people why people flock to this mall is due to the affordable prices on the many high-quality items found here. 

Overall, this mall is known to be highly well-liked due to the fact that it is also a gathering place among residents. of the diversity of food vendors at the mall’s base.

Additionally, the Kathmandu Mall also offers a variety of different food vendors, and also has a party space where various events may be organized. 

Kathmandu’s City Center


One of Kathmandu’s top shopping districts is the city centre. This is also the main marketing hub for people of all ages. Here, you can buy things like food, clothing, gadgets, and a variety of other things. 

The primary goal of City Centre Mall is to satisfy customers. Fortunately, due to the availability of affordable goods as well as products from other countries, it is particularly well-liked by both residents and tourists alike.

Situated in Kamalpokhari, the City Centre mall has also been voted one of the best malls in Kathmandu. The mall’s architecture is also considered stunning and inviting. 

Overall, the mall’s main attraction is the “Big Cinema,” where you can watch movies while your kids play in the kid’s zone on the rooftop. However, take note that after a long day of shopping, you could also simply sit and enjoy a leisurely lunch at the mall’s food court. 

The Sherpa Mall


Sherpa Mall is another highly well-known mall in Kathmandu and is located in the Durbar Marg neighbourhood. Although the neighbourhood and mall are pricey, they are both worth the money. 

Sherpa mall’s main selling points are its wide variety of goods, including clothing, accessories, and shoes, as well as its open mall layout.

Take note that due to the price points of this mall, Sherpa Mall is a well-known mall among travellers and is frequently frequented by them and other elite individuals. It is, therefore, the ideal illustration of how a class is solely defined. After all, the availability of high-end brands and the goods’ high prices are the key factors driving the majority of high-class consumers.

Overall, at this mall, one can find a lot of luxurious foreign brands in addition to almost all high-quality domestic ones. After you’ve finished your shopping at Sherpa Mall, take note that it is recommended to also stop and have a wonderful, relaxing supper in the food court. 



One of Kathmandu’s most popular shopping districts is Bhat Bhateni. The grocery Bhat-Bhateni offers its customers a variety of products and services on a daily basis. For example, fresh food and vegetables, as well as a comprehensive selection of top worldwide brands of alcohol, toiletries, and cosmetics, are all available on the ground level.

To facilitate the purchase and selling of products and services, Bhat Bhateni primarily targets upper-class and high-income individuals. This makes the quality of the products found here pristine. 

For the high and personality face, the services found here are also considered very professional.

The Civil Mall


One of Kathmandu’s nicest malls, Civil Mall is located right in the centre of Tripureshwar. It is not only Kathmandu’s biggest, but also the busiest shopping mall, with a sizable monthly turnover. The civil mall also offers a large parking lot and lifts for the convenience of its patrons. 

The QFX movie theatre is one of the mall’s main draws. For example, here guests may see both domestic and foreign films there throughout the day.  

A variety of products may also be found here at the Civil Mall. For example, you may purchase products from renowned companies like Gini, Jony, Zara, and many others. Among the many other things available are clothing, electronics, and cosmetics.

Overall, Civil Mall is considered one of the best locations in Nepal to visit if you want a shopping spree. For example, every day, the mall gets over 10,000 visitors from all across Nepal. 

Tamrakar Complex


The Tamrakar complex is Kathmandu’s largest electrical hub, with more than 50 stores, 20+ phone brands, and a variety of technological accessories. For example, when it comes to buying, selling, or even fixing phones and computers, Tamrakar Complex has long been the electronic device centre of the city.

Customers like the mall’s wide selection of local and foreign goods. During the main festivals in Nepal, for instance, Dashain and Tihar, it is the also perfect spot to take advantage of the biggest sales and discounts. 

The notion of spending a day at this mall with family and friends is also considered appealing to many with its unique layout, as well as a multitude of spots to sit, relax, and people-watch.

The Civil Trade Centre Mall


The Civil Trade Centre Mall is one of Kathmandu’s biggest retail centres. The main draw of Civil Trade Center Mall, often known as CTC mall, is the lifestyle brands it houses. For example, you may discover apparel labels inside the mall, from global names to regional designers.

This six-story commercial mall and business hub is located in the Sundhara neighbourhood of Kathmandu and spans a plot of land with a total size of 3052 square metres. 

Overall, the main attraction of this location is that once you’re done shopping, you can stop and eat in the calmness of the sky while enjoying your meal at CTC mall’s rooftop food court. At this mall, there is also a kid’s zone and an upscale food court.






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