Top 10 Shopping Malls in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s shopping scene is expanding every day. For example, over the last few years, new businesses with incredible ideas and distinctive goods have all opened their doors. From upscale shopping malls to neighbourhood streets with distinctive stores, there is a shopping experience to suit every sort of taste. 

Overall, some of the most popular shopping destinations in Tel Aviv include Azrieli Mall, TLV Fashion Mall, Gan Hair, and Dizengoff Center.

Continue reading to learn more about what the top 10 shopping malls in Tel Aviv are, including Ramat Aviv Mall, Sarona, Sheinkin Street, Dizengoff Street, and more.

What Are Considered the Top 10 Shopping Malls in Tel Aviv?

Listed below are the top 10 shopping malls located in Tel Aviv, Israel:

1. TLV Fashion Mall

2. Azrieli Mall

3. Gan Hair

4. Dizengoff Center

5. Sarona

6. Ramat Aviv Mall

7. Dizengoff Street

8. Sheinkin Street

9. Neve Tzedek

10. Nahalat Binyamin Craft Market

TLV Fashion Mall


Unlike other malls in Tel Aviv, the TLV Fashion Mall includes luxury retailers that are unique to the city. Take note, that this Mall is also considered the newest mall in the city. 

Leading worldwide apparel retailers including H;M, Mango, Furla, Zara, Factory 54, and others all have locations here. Therefore, it is essential that if you plan on making a trip to this location, be prepared to spend appropriately. After all, the majority of these are considered premium stores. 

Cool activities like food markets, music, and evening parties can also all be found here. Here, you may also explore incredible flagship stores and get a sneak peek at Israel’s newest fashion labels. 

Overall, visitors to the mall are in for a superb mix of high fashion and top chains, as well as daily items and fine couture.

Azrieli Mall


The Azrieli Mall is a stunning collection of three ultra-modern structures that include both a shopping centre as well as a plethora of offices. There are excellent shops and cafés located here, and it’s also considered easy to get around.

At this location, one will also find approximately thirty restaurants, eight movie theatres, three levels of retail space, and Tel Aviv’s sole H;M. The shopping centre is also considered a sizable portion of a bigger complex- So don’t anticipate a quick visit.

Take note that an interior observation deck with a view of the entire city is also included as one of the key attractions at this site, which is located on the 49th level of the skyscraper.

Gan Hair


Gan Hair is an indoor-outdoor retail centre located in Rabin Square that combines a variety of name-brand businesses in a sunny, open-air setting. At the mall’s core, tourists can also discover a variety of Israeli franchises, as well as an organic market, posh shops, and a pleasant kids’ play area.

Take note, however, that this retail centre, along with Ramat Aviv Mall, is the two most costly malls in Tel Aviv. So, if planning to visit, be prepared to spend appropriately.

Dizengoff Center


Despite its messiness and confusion, you can find whatever you need at the Dizengoff Center. The Dizengoff Center is also considered a landmark in Tel Aviv. Made up of two interconnected buildings with hundreds of stores, two movie theatres, a rooftop pool, a children’s playground, and two gyms stretched across five levels, this shopping area has something for everyone. 

A pop-up designer market is also held in the transition hallway on Thursdays and Fridays. A handmade international food market is also held in the B building on those same days.

Dizengoff Center is also the oldest mall in Tel Aviv. It has, however, been updated, much like seasoned hotels in Tel Aviv, and can easily compete with the newest commercial centres in the city.



Israel’s largest indoor food market, Sarona Market, is open every day of the week. Gindi Holdings built the property on Sarona Gardens in the centre of Tel Aviv. 

Sarona Market is a cutting-edge, modern market that blends the ancient and the new. For example, as both a gourmet and consumer goods market, with the best local produce, the retail hamlet of Sarona is considered ideal for any shopping excursion when in the heart of the city.

Visitors can also find a plethora of items here at the market, including fruit, vegetables, lamb, veal, fresh fish, local wines, boutique beer, chocolates, and hand-made pastries.

Other items that can be found at the Sarona Market include imported cheeses from around the world, premium balsamic vinegar from Italy, and spices from the Far East.

Ramat Aviv Mall


More than 24000 people visit the upscale retail centre called Ramat Aviv Mall each day, and it is quite plain to see why. After all, Ramat Aviv features several well-known worldwide fashion retailers, including American Eagle, Chanel, Castro, Pandora, Louis Vuitton, Mont Blanc, Jo Malone, Zara, and Marccain. 

A medical facility, office space, and the embassies of Norway, Finland, and Croatia are all also located in the mall.

This means that everything you could possibly ever need, including upscale clothes, accessories, cosmetics, jewellery, children’s apparel and toys, technology, home furnishings, and office supplies, can be found here at this mall.

The food court at this mall is also considered quite alluring. As a result, you may satiate your appetite at a number of fast meals and eateries. Free parking and Wi-Fi are also available at this location.

Dizengoff Street


One of Tel Aviv’s most recognizable streets is Dizengoff Street, located in the city’s centre. 

Dizengoff Street, formerly dubbed the “Champs-Élysées of Tel Aviv,” started to deteriorate following the 1970s and the development of the Dizengoff Center, the biggest retail centre in Tel Aviv. Dizengoff Street, however, has had somewhat of a renaissance recently with the construction of cafés and restaurants, boutique clothing stores, and several design businesses.

The route, which runs from the Namal harbour to King George Street, is lined with eateries and shops of all descriptions and price ranges. 

Around Gordon and Frishman, one can also find several fantastic restaurants and little stores with modern clothing. At the Namal end, one can also find boutiques with more brands and evening clothes.

Sheinkin Street


One of Tel Aviv’s most well-known and active streets is Shenkin Street. 

Sheinkin Street is the city’s first major bohemian enclave, located East of the intersection of King George Street and Allenby Street, in the centre of Tel Aviv.

Take note, however, that since it has been regarded as a popular destination for locals for more than 20 years now, the street has been revitalized by 2012 renovations that have turned it into a pedestrian shopping haven. 

Locals also claim that these renovations have truly captured the character of Tel Aviv.

A little park is also conveniently located halfway down the street. Many tourists find this a great spot to stop and people-watch when they need a break from shopping. But Café Tamar is the best option if you’re looking for refreshments when you’re taking a break from shopping. 

Neve Tzedek


Neve Tzedek, one of Tel Aviv’s most picturesque areas, is home to fantastic shops, eateries, bars, and street art. The modest buildings and tiny, stone-cobbled alleys have been absorbed by modern Neve Tzedek. 

Back in the 1800s, young artists quickly saw the potential of this picturesque location. As a result, boutiques, pleasant cafés, galleries, and little stores started to spring up everywhere. Today, Neve Tzedek is now a thriving artistic hub with a wide range of amenities.

Most stores are located on Shabazi, the main street, where you can purchase clothing, jewellery, artwork, and home goods. Take note, however, that some might be more expensive than you expect. 

Visitors also report that the Neve Tzedek area is a pleasant change of pace, ideal for a trip down memory lane, outside of the city centre and the beautiful beaches.

Overall, Neve Tzedek is the perfect place for boutique shopping, taking in the environment, enjoying a cup of coffee, and people-watching since the streets are narrow and the architecture is stunning.

Nahalat Binyamin Craft Market


In the centre of Tel Aviv is the Nachalat Binyamin Market. The street was launched in 1987 with only a few exhibitors. However, today, it draws around 200 people, who visit Nachalat Binyamin’s pedestrianized streets every week. 

Nachalat Binyamin Market also happens to be one of the greatest locations in the city to find unique, handcrafted things. For instance, more than 200 artists showcase their art every week. These professionals set up shop every Tuesday and Friday to share their intriguing works with the public. 

After all, the Nachalat Binyamin Market also serves as the primary storefront for many of the artists, who frequently work from home the rest of the week.

This street market also focuses on a wide variety of unique arts and crafts from all around Israel. So, regardless of your creative preferences, you will most likely find something you adore here- and purchasing it directly from the artist makes it even more unique!






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