Top 10 Shopping Malls in Doha

Your Best Guide To Shopping In Doha

Planning a trip to Doha in the near future? If you’re a big fan of shopping (like us!) you’ll probably want to visit the best shopping malls in the city. Keeping that in mind, we carefully curated a list of the Top 10 Shopping Malls in Doha that are popular among tourists, and have stunning architecture and countless top-tier multinational brands to shop from.

Read on to find out which malls are definitely worth the visit while staying in Doha and what’s so special about each destination! Let’s take a deep dive and talk about the different aspects of every mall in detail.

Top 10 Shopping Malls In Doha

Here’s a list of the Top 10 Shopping Malls in Doha to help you out on your next visit to Qatar!

Villaggio (Al Aziziya, Qatar)


A glimpse of Venice in the heart of Qatar—Villaggio is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Doha and a must-visit for tourists in the city. The reason behind its fame is the stunningly beautiful Venice-themed architecture and design, which attracts flocks of visitors every day.

The mall is spread out over 360,000 sqm and has over 200 stores to shop from, including famous international luxury labels such as Dolce and Gabbana, Dior, Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. It also has lots of jewelry stores that include world-renowned brands such as Cartier, Tiffany ; Co., Bvlgari and many more. 

In line with the Venetian theme, the mall also has a 150 m-long canal located at its center where visitors can enjoy gondola rides. Needless to say, the combination of breath-taking Italian architecture and top global brands makes Villaggio extremely popular amongst locals and tourists alike.

Doha Festival City (Al Daayen, Qatar)


There is no better way to describe Doha Festival City than as a place of endless entertainment for visitors of all ages. Occupying over 650,000 sqm, this gigantic shopping mall is home to countless world-famous brands and restaurants. Some of the top names you can find here include Charlotte Tilbury, Harvey Nichols, Dior Beauty Boutique and Kiehl’s as well as the only IKEA in the country.

It also provides top-notch entertainment with a 4D cinema complex that houses 18 screens, three different theme parks that include Angry Birds World and Virtuocity, as well as an indoor snow park named Snow Dunes. 

Boasting such great attractions and providing an all-in-one shopping, dining and entertainment experience, it is no surprise that Doha Festival City has secured its place as one of the top malls in the country. This is definitely a place that you’ll never want to leave!

City Centre Mall (Al Dafna, Doha)


The City Centre Mall is one of the biggest shopping centers in Doha and is known for possessing every item you could ever possibly need under one roof! This includes apparel, footwear, jewelry, watches, sportswear, baby items, household necessities and lifestyle goods from over 250 brands from all around the world. 

Apart from retail, it is also known for having a massive cinema complex, bowling alley, ice rink and numerous fine-dining restaurants, all of which provide countless avenues for entertainment and pleasure. This mall truly deserves its place in the top ten shopping malls of Doha and is hands down one of the best shopping and entertainment centers out there.

Lagoona Mall (Lagoon Street, Doha)


Next on our list is Lagoona Mall, which is an extremely popular spot for tourists to visit and is sure to be a hit with any shopaholic out there. What’s the reason behind its popularity? 

It hosts more than 150 high-end stores and restaurants to choose from. These include international designer labels such as Chanel, Rolex, Adidas, Armani Exchange, and everyone’s favorite all round shopping destination; Carrefour.

Lagoona Mall has a futuristic and stylish interior that adds to its aesthetic and makes it worth the visit just for the view alone. It also has an open patio-style sitting place called the Piazza which is a popular site for visitors to relax and have a bite to eat. 

Ezdan Mall (Al Rayyan, Doha)


Ezdan Mall is a premium shopping destination and entertainment venue located in the Al-Rayyan district of Doha. It offers countless options for shopping, dining and entertainment and is the perfect place for a family visit since there is something of interest for all ages. The brands offered include well-known names such as Aldo, Bath ; Body Works and Beverly Hills Polo Club.

Ezdan Mall is also known for beautifully combining both modern and classic Arabic architecture in its interior and design, as well as for hosting cultural events and exhibitions. Overall, it is a lovely place to visit and definitely worth the trip both for the architectural design and the shop selection.

Mirqab Mall (Al Jadeed Street, Doha)


This stunningly beautiful shopping mall hosts some of the most gorgeous architecture in soft hues of blue and pink that you will ever lay your eyes on. Forget the shopping—it’s worth the visit for the sights alone! The entrance is decorated with a large central sparkling fountain and a domed glass ceiling that arches overhead. 

In terms of retail outlets and dining options, the Mirqab Mall has hundreds of brands to shop from that offer everything from clothing items to makeup and jewelry, and plenty of restaurants to choose from as well. It also has an entertainment center with numerous cinemas.

The Tawar Mall (Al Markhiya Street, Doha)


The Tawar Mall is a luxurious shopping destination (perfect for some retail therapy!) that has over 300 different stores to shop from as well as a large variety of eateries to dine at.

Its architecture is elegant and stylish, featuring both a classic and modern element that is a feast for the eyes. Keeping in mind the cultural roots, its front is shaped like a dhow; a traditional sailing boat. The interior is also designed to imitate the sand dunes of Arabia.

Gulf Mall (Al Gharaffa, Qatar)


The Gulf Mall is particularly known for its interesting architecture—from the outside, it looks like a huge old-fashioned fortress but from the inside the layout is pretty modern and similar to that of any top shopping mall in the world. It has a vast collection of high-end brands from around the globe and is great for a day-long shopping trip.

Mall of Qatar (Al Rayyan, Qatar)


If you’re a fan of huge, sprawling shopping malls, the Mall of Qatar should definitely be on your bucket list! The ultimate dream for a shopaholic, it contains over 500 shopping outlets from some of the world’s most popular luxury labels and restaurants. 

It holds the title of being one of the biggest shopping malls in Qatar and has a modern, air-conditioned interior. The entertainment complex includes a 19-screen cinema center and places for kids to have fun such as Kindsmondoz and Xtremeland.

Al Hazm Mall (Al Markhiya St, Doha)


Last but not the least, to finish off this list of the Top 10 Shopping Malls in Doha we have Al Hazm Mall. This luxurious shopping center features jaw-dropping architecture modeled after a shopping gallery in Milan, and is a magnificent sight to behold. The view is so spectacular that you won’t get used to it even after multiple visits. 

This mall is known for its many luxury brands, great Qatari restaurants, beautiful gardens as well as the cultural center. It is definitely a must-visit for any tourist staying in Doha!

The Bottom Line

So that’s our complete list of the Top 10 Shopping Malls in Doha! We hope that the detailed description of each mall was helpful. In a nutshell, if you ever visit Doha you will be spoilt for choice when looking for a place to shop since there are so many superb shopping centers. The architecture of the shopping malls is also unique and absolutely gorgeous to behold.

Don’t miss out on a chance to visit places such as Villaggio or Doha Festival City if you are a true shopping fan! They should definitely be on top of your bucket list.


What is the most popular mall in Qatar?

City Centre Mall in Doha is among the most popular spots in Qatar for tourists to visit. It is located in West Bay and contains a large variety of popular high-end brands from around the world such as Tommy Hilfiger, H;M and Adidas.

What’s the biggest mall in Qatar?

Doha Festival City is popularly known for being the largest shopping center in the region and is spread out over 650,000 sqm. It is definitely one of the best spots for those who love shopping as there are many luxury labels available there.

Is Doha good for shopping?

Belonging to an extremely wealthy country with a high standard of living, Doha is without a doubt an excellent place to shop at. It has numerous huge shopping malls and a large variety of international brand outlets to choose from.


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